I have days when the sun shines brighter than ever.

I have Rainy days too.

Days to laugh my ass off.

Days to cry a river.

Days to see new places.

Meet new people.

Learn one word more.

Know my strength.

Struggle with my weaknesses.

Never giving up hope.

Getting angry.

Letting go.

Days where I know I can do all things.

And where I think that nothing I can do.

Days I outta try harder.

Days I might fail and try again.

Or not.

Days that I regret.

Days I don`t forget.

But there is no single day where I don`t miss my Home, Sweet Home.

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Hane disse...

awwwwwww q bonitinhoooo rsrsrs


bjuuuuuuu ;** e boa semana

Bia disse...

agente se encontra ; )
obrigada pelo apoio, liii

Nice post